Hybrid CR’s 3-in-1 approach

Hybrid CR takes the guess work out of supporting immune health by nourishing all three (innate, adaptive and inflammation response) of your immune system’s protective mechanisms, ensuring a fast, effective immune response.*

  • 1Innate immune functions recognize and respond to immune threats quickly.*
  • 2Adaptive immune functions build your immune smarts and increase resilience over time.*
  • 3Healthy inflammation responses keep the
    body on alert for as long as it’s needed,
    but then encourage a return to a calm
    state afterwards.*

Immune Challenges?

Strengthen your defenses to get back to better health in just 4 days.


Activate your immune arsenal.

When it comes to immune health, the faster your body responds, the better. A rapid response inhibits the growth of spreading immune challengers and minimizes the drain on your energy. Hybrid CR activates your immune arsenal quickly for a strong, speedy defense.

Day One


Keep up the fight

As your body fights off an immune challenge, it depletes your supply of certain nutrients. The second day dose of Hybrid CR helps replenish those dwindling supplies and keeps your immune system fighting at full strength.

Day Two


Tip the balance in your favor

Day three is crucial for restoring your energy and cleaning up the damage done by immune challengers. Hybrid CR contains a blend of ingredients designed to support your body’s innate ability to keep immune responders on alert for the right length of time. Too long and inflammation issues can occur. Too short and the problem can return.

Day Three


Enjoy your renewed energy.

It’s important to finish the fourth day dose. The ingredients in Hybrid CR may be done fighting off the threat, but your body still needs these nutrients to strengthen your resilience in future instances. Taking Hybrid CR for the full four days gives your body the chance to impress into its immune memory everything it learned about your recent challenge.

Day Four